Travelling musicians (RS)

Aleksandar Novaković: baritone

Mirjana Radosavljević: recorders

Marija Roduner: french horn

Đorđe Milošević: baroque cello

Andrej Jovanić: theorbo, baroque guitar


Early music ensemble "Travelling musicians" formed in 2008, as result of encounter of several musicians who had the need to express their ideas about the interpretation of early music in individual way. Modelled on Minstrels of past eras, who travelled, researched and learned music on courts, as well as plazas and streets, members of this group have gathered to travel with music through the centuries. Their programmes are characterised by great diversity of historical repertoire, equal attention dedicated to popular, traditional and art music forms of past centuries, and by search for fine balance between vocal and instrumental works in their programs. Somewhat unusual choice and blend of instruments that they play, often leads them not to depend on contemporary printed editions of music, but to consult historical sources directly and to explore adaptation and development of their own music arrangements. They perform regularly in Belgrade and various festivals in Serbia, and participate in their own projects (usually involving co-operation with dance, poetry and other music artists) which they make as a part of Nymbus Art management. They made several recordings for radio and television of Belgrade.