Ticket prices 2022

The ticket prices below are subsidized and apply only to individuals.
Ticket prices do not differ according to the concerts, but differ to the time of purchase, namely:

5.00 EUR upon payment by 16.5.2022,
10.00 EUR upon payment 17.5.2022-6.6.2022,
12.00 EUR upon payment 7.6.2022-13.6.2022,
14.00 EUR upon payment 14.6.2022-20.6.2022,
16.00 EUR upon payment 21.6.2022-27.6.2022,
18.00 EUR upon payment 28.6.2022-4.7.2022,
20.00 EUR upon payment 5.7.2022-11.7.2022,
22.00 EUR upon payment 12.7.2022-18.7.2022,
24.00 EUR upon payment 19.7.2022-25.7.2022,
26.00 EUR upon payment 26.7.2022-1.8.2022,
28.00 EUR upon payment 2.8.2022-19.8.2022,
30.00 EUR upon payment on the day of the concert.

For all upbeats and the concert on 14.8.2022 (OperArija), the ticket price is EUR 0.00, and a reservation is required.

Already purchased tickets can be exchanged within the available space and an additional payment of EUR 10.00 for exchanging all tickets of one event.


Ticket purchase protocol

You request a reservation with a completed order form or by e-mail to info@k-ramovs.si, which contains all the data of the order form.

After receiving the order, we will inform you about the purchase price.

After receiving the payment, we will issue you an invoice and send you a voucher to pick up the ordered tickets at the box office before the concert.

You can also order and pay for tickets at our points of sale