The Curious Bards (FR)

The Curious Bards (FR):
Bruno Harlé (traverso)
Alix Boivert (violin)
Sarah Van Oudenhove (viol)
Louis Capeille (harp)
Jean-Christophe Morel (cittern)

Since 2015, The Curious Bards has united five musicians that love Gaelic and Celtic traditional music. These five musicians have had an early music education and have studied in prestigious institutions in Lyon, Paris and Basel. The traditional Irish and Scottish practice have integrated into their musical paths since many years.

The ensemble claims to offer an innovative and creative insight into this repertoire that has been guided by extensive research. They are “bards” of modern times, eager to discover and expand their knowledge, always being insistent on their practice.

The Curious Bards were chosen as a Young Ensemble in Residency in la Cité de la Voix in Vézelay in 2015. They have also benefited, since 2016, from the project EEEmerging carried out by the Ambronay Festival, which supports young early music ensembles under the Creative Europe programme.

The Curious Bards at residency in Slovenia: http://www.seviqc-brezice.si/video/the-curious-bards-eeemerging-residency-in-celje.html


Alix Boivert, Baroque violin
After his studies with R. Papavrami and at the Conservatory of Bordeaux, he entered the class of O. Edouard at the Conservatory of Lyon in 2009 where he obtained a Master's degree with the first class honours in 2014. His studies are full of master classes with the great names of the violin: Amandine Beyer, Enrico Onofri and Chiara Banchini.

He plays as a soloist in prestigious venues such as the Dublin National Concert Hall (2012) or the Auditorium of Bordeaux (2014) and with orchestras such as Pygmalion, Correspondances, Amarilis and other. His first professional recording took place in 2013 with the Ensemble baroque atlantique, as a soloist in the Concerto BWV 1064 by J.S. Bach.

With several years of self-teaching in traditional Irish music and spending a year in Dublin, he founded the contemporary Irish music group in 2010 “attby”. He then created “The Curious Bards” in 2015, where he explores compositions and publications of traditional music from the 18th century Ireland and Scotland.

Sarah Van Oudenhove, Viols
Sarah began playing the viola da gamba already at the age of six in the class of Christian Sala at the Conservatory of Perpignan. In 1995, she joined the class of Coen Engelhard at the Toulouse Conservatory, and in 2003, the class of Marianne Muller at Lyon's Conservatory where she graduated in 2008. She has participated in many workshops and master classes with the greatest of Early Music: Jerome Hantai, Wieland Kuijken, Christophe Coin and Jordi Savall.

Today she performs and records regularly with ensembles such as l'Acheron, Sonadori, La Chapelle Rhenane, Clematis, Epsilon, All Gilles Binchois, Mare Nostrum, La Capella Mediterranea, and the Namur Chamber Choir.

Alongside this active career, she is passionate about traditional Irish music. She undertakes a work of reflection and research on the interpretation of the ancient Irish and Scottish music on the viola da gamba. This interest and long-term work with ancient Gaelic music has led her to participate in many traditional music festivals in France (such as Celti'cimes, and Tocane).

Jean-Christophe Morel, Cittern
Born in Bordeaux, Jean-Christophe Morel started to play the violin at the Pierre Rode school of R. Papavrami. He entered the Conservatory of Bordeaux in 2001, and studied in the class of Manuel Solans, where he thoroughly learned the violin. He then entered the Conservatory of Lyon in 2009, and had classes with Marie Charvet, Claire Bernard and Nicolas Gourbeix.

The following years mark a time of meetings and discoveries for Jean-Christophe. Alongside his classical training, he discovered several musical styles and other instruments: the guitar, the mandolin, and the cittern. Strongly influenced by traditional Irish music, he started to intensely practice this repertoire, especially in the first year of his MA during Erasmus exchange in Dublin. The oral transmission of music and practice of improvisation has allowed him to develop a unique artistic personality, one that is original, enabling him to understand and integrate different and complementary music at once.

Bruno Harlé, Flutes
Bruno Harlé began his musical path with the flute with Thierry Lame and Nels Lindeblad, near Paris. Subsequently, he decided to turn to the baroque flute and enrolled in the Paris Conservatory in the class of Pierre Séchet. He obtained the Diploma of Early Music.

At that time, he had the chance to discover new kinds of flutes by learning the flute repertoire of the nineteenth century, but also traditional Irish music with François Lazarevitch.

This expanded course offered him the opportunity to attend concerts of La Grande Ecurie led by Jean-Claude Malgoire. In parallel, he continued his practice of playing the traditional flute in Breton and Irish dance repertoires, integrating the arSkolpenn band.

He was able to exercise his practice and deepen the experience of Irish music with great musicians: Kevin Crawford, Brian Finnegan and Cormac Breatnach. He teaches Irish flute and tin whistle (traditional flute) at the association "Irish flutes" in Lyon.

Louis Capeille, Harp
Louis Capeille started to play the harp with V. Musson-Gonneaud and practised the Italian Baroque harp for several years with M. Fourquier.

In 2005, he joined the early harp's class of H. Rosenzweig at the Schola Cantorum in Basel. In 2010, he obtained a bachelor and a master's degree in the baroque harp and continuo (both with honours). In 2012, he left to follow the teachings of M.Galassi and X. Diaz-Latorre at the ESMUC of Barcelona. His career is marked with master classes with Gabriel Garrido, René Jacobs and others.

Already from an early age, he has been passionate about traditional Irish music. His experience has enabled him to perform in Italy, Germany, Austria and Denmark with various groups: the Barbaroque Company, A Corte Musical, Chant 1450, and las Mascarinas. For recordings, he played under the direction of Andrew Lawrence-King, Jean Tubéry, Xavier Diaz-Latorre and Dominique Vellard. Besides his many activities, Capeille Louis is one of the founding members of the Boz Galana.

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