The Curious Bards (FR)

When: 26. 10. 2016 at 20:00

Upbeat: 7 pm (Brežice, Brežice Castle) Festibus: departure at 17:10 (Hala Tivoli)

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Ticket price: 8-25 EUR

Festibus: Departure at 17:10 (Hala Tivoli)

The Curious Bards (FR):
Bruno Harlé (traverso)
Alix Boivert (violin)
Sarah Van Oudenhove (viol)
Louis Capeille (harp)
Jean-Christophe Morel (cittern)

About the project:
The primary objective of The Curious Bards is to shed new light on a forgotten repertoire: Irish and Scottish music of the Baroque era. For this reason, the ensemble’s artistic director Alix Boivert started a musicological and historical research project, having been in Dublin for eight months and then continuing it after his return to France.

The wealth and diversity of the musical material he discovered during that research convinced him of the fact that musicians practising both traditional and art music, such as themselves, need to meet the challenge and try to offer a contemporary interpretation of these different musical styles. Even more so as this music represents a very important part of cultural heritage which was conserved with difficulty by the invaders of this time: England.

The ensemble’s mission thus involves investigating and experimenting with different indications present in numerous publications (ornaments, articulations, rhythm etc). Up to now, these indications brought them very close to the contemporary interpretation of traditional music.

About the artists:
Since 2015, The Curious Bards has united five musicians that love Gaelic and Celtic traditional music. These five musicians have had an early music education and have studied in prestigious institutions in Lyon, Paris and Basel. The traditional Irish and Scottish practice have integrated into their musical paths since many years.

The ensemble claims to offer an innovative and creative insight into this repertoire that has been guided by extensive research. They are “bards” of modern times, eager to discover and expand their knowledge, always being insistent on their practice.

The Curious Bards were chosen as a Young Ensemble in Residency in la Cité de la Voix in Vézelay in 2015. They have also benefited, since 2016, from the project EEEmerging carried out by the Ambronay Festival, which supports young early music ensembles under the Creative Europe programme.

The Curious Bards (FR)

Early music and traditional music ... Two independent musical worlds that have yet much to say. Early music, but not obsolete. Traditional music, with a modern interpretation.

Concert programme

The lads of Elgin

The Highlandman kissed his mother

The Fyket

Turlough O'carolan (1670-1738):
Mary O'neill

The lads of Dunse

Port Patrick

King of the blind
_ _ _

Highland Battle
_ _ _

Sr. Ulick Burk

The soup of good drink

The high road to Dublin
_ _ _

Lady Herriot Hopes

Sir Adam Ferguson's reel

Bonny Lads


Brežice, Brežice Castle

The two-storey castle is the mightiest building in Brežice, built in the middle of the 16th century in the site of the castle which was burnt down in 1515, in time of the great peasant revolt.



The price of coach provided for all concerts from Ljubljana and Zagreb is 10€. Departure from Hala Tivoli and Lisinski Hall.