Participation at local level

The Seviqc Brežice programme has throughout the years been in the national public interest. We therefore expect all other locations of our concerts to define it as their public interest as well. To assure a better organisational and promotional execution of the programme, we wish to find in each locality a self-dependent co-worker who would act as co-organiser. In connection to the municipality and a jointly chosen local co-organiser (Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities, cultural society, tourism society, etc.), we strive to prepare a programme realisation of the highest quality. The purpose of including a co-organiser is to create a bridge between the programme and the locality and to take advantage of the existing organisational potential in the micro-environment.

Through this programme all festival locations are included in a distinguished international network, which surpasses its environment and is a strong promoter of the municipality’s cultural heritage, together with its openness and willingness to make links with the world’s artistic elite. This has long-term positive consequences in ensuring a quality of life and contributes to cultural tourism.

Festival concerts are performed exclusively at Slovenian cultural heritage sites, which are historically important locations and are quite fascinating for visitors. We, therefore, see our concerts also as a way of preserving our cultural heritage. Many municipalities pay extra attention to maintenance of historical places (castles, churches) because of our concerts.

Slovenian artists are annually present in our programme; our international connections enable them to perform at prominent international festivals and they have a special place both in our programmes and in collaborations with festivals and agents outside of Slovenia.