Programme description

The most beautiful concerts of early music
with top artists from all over the world
in the most beautiful historical venues of Slovenia.


Seviqc Brežice is an early music festival based on three development pillars: early music, cultural heritage, and cultural tourism. We work on cross regional integration of cultural heritage and festival sites. We are striving for decentralisation of Slovenian culture and development of national early music scene. The festival artists are selected on the base of quality, inventiveness and coherence of programme proposals, research musicological access, and promotional support to our festival.


About Seviqc Brežice (4.6.2021) *

Some Figures of the Period 1997-2021 (30.12.2021) 

Table I, Number of events by municipalities (14.12.2021)

Table II, Number of events by venues (30.12.2021)

Table III, Number of events by their type (14.12.2021)

Table IV, List of events (12.12.2021)

Table V, Statistics on the number of visitors by residency (30.8.2021)

Table V (2021), Tickets 2021: purchase and visit (24.8.2021)

Table VI, Questionnaire to visitors (5.10.2021)

Table VII, Number of performers (21.12.2021)

Table VIII, Performers by years (21.12.2021)

Table IX, List of programme performers (21.12.2021) pdf 
Table IX, List of programme performers (21.12.2021) xlsx

Table X, Recording of festival concerts (30.8.2021)

Table XI. Digital communications (1.5.2022)

Table XII. The structure and content of the website (8.1.2022)

Table XIII. Personal income tax donation (8.1.2022)


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