Projekt Lazarus (HR)

Daniela Perosa: soprano
Robert Palić: bass
Franjo Bilić: portative, artistic direction


Artistic directors of the Projekt Lazarus ensemble are conductor Darijan Ivezić and harpsichordist Franjo Bilić with artistic collaborator and producer pianist dr.sc. Martina Mičija Palić. Artistic associate and advisor of the ensemble is distinguished scholar and musicologist prof. dr. Ennio Stipčević. Ensemble “Projekt Lazarus” held numerous concerts in Croatia and abroad, presenting Croatian baroque music heritage at the respected festivals such as 47th, 48th, and 49th Varaždin baroque evenings, Seviqc Festival Brežice (Slovenia, 2018, 2019), 58th Hvar summer festival, 12th Croatian music festival in Vienna, 7th Festival Gaetano Callido in Venice (Italy), 59. Evenings at St. Donat and others. Beside the conductor and artistic collaborator, the basic setup of the ensemble „Projekt Lazarus“ is as follows: Daniela Perosa and Tanja Rupnik – sopranos, Martina Menegoni and Nikolina Virgej Pintar – mezzosopranos, Ivan Martinčić and Josip Čajko – tenors and Matija Meić and Robert Palić – basses.




Darija Auguštan, Daniela Perosa, Tanja Ruždjak, Iva Krušić: soprano
Martina Menegoni, Nikolina Virgej Pintar: mezzo-soprano
Siniša Galović , Ivan Martinčić: tenor
Matija Meić, Robert Palić: bass
Lucija Pejković: cello
Izidor Erazem Grafenauer: theorbo
Franjo Bilić: organ
Martina Mičija Palić: artistic collaborator
Darijan Ivezić: artistic leader and conductor 



Tanja Rupnik, Tanja Ruždjak: soprano
Nikolina Virgej Pintar: mezzo-soprano
Siniša Galović, Ivan Martinčić: tenor
Matija Meić, Robert Palić: bass
Darijan Ivezić: artistic leader and conductor
Martina Mičija Palić: artistic collaborator and producer


On the Croatian and international music scene since 2013 operates a new professional ensemble called Projekt Lazarus, whose unusual name hides the main objective of this ensemble – the revitalization of Croatian musical heritage. Projekt Lazarus has been established within the association of Croatian Music Centre by initiator and founder of the ensemble bass Robert Palić, a member of the Opera of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb. The research, revitalization, promotion and presentation of Croatian musical heritage are the primary objectives of the Projekt Lazarus which are being realized through two main processes; exploring yet undiscovered musical literature from 16thto 18th century in cooperation with experts for that period, and modelling professional ensemble necessary for the preparation and presentation of musical pieces. Also, Projekt Lazarus is focused on the performance of works that are rarely performed as well as those that have not yet been recorded.

Darijan Ivezić. In Novska he gained high school and music education, graduating in piano, and then the theory of music. He concludes his bachelor studies of conduction under the professor Uroš Lajovic at the Zagreb Academy of Music. Upon coming to Zagreb, he intensifies and arranges his activities, and begins co-operation with the Zagreb Philharmonic and the Croatian Radiotelevision Symphony Orchestra, for which he has worked on several concerts and smaller opera performances. As pianist and artistic leader he worked with many conductors, ensembles and soloists, mostly singers. Since February 2015, he has been working as a korepetor at the Croatian National Theater Opera in Zagreb, where he has been working as an art director of role studies since May 2017 and assisting conductors Nikša Bareza, Elija Boncompagni, Josip Šego and Ivan Josip Skender in the following operas: Les vêpres siciliennes, Manon Lescaut, Madama Butterfly, Don Carlo, Don Pasquale and Mimi, with which he performed a professional operatic debut in March 2016. In June of that same year, he performed the performance of Ivana Brkanović's "Ekvinocija", and as an assistant conductor participates in the preparation of Arnold Schönberg's "Gurre-Lieder". Since March 2016 he has been working as a head of the Department of Conducting, Harp and Percussion at the Music Academy in Zagreb.