The importance of the programme for local environment

The Seviqc Brežice festival is a programme of a vast international extent which: 

• internationally represents the Slovenian cultural heritage as the cultural identity of the country and successfully promotes it on the global cultural and tourist map,
• encourages international dialogue and exchange between European and non-European cultures,
• supports the mutual learning about the culture and history of European peoples, the creativity and trans-national expansion of culture and the mobility of artists, especially the young and underprivileged, 
• encourages the development of cultural infrastructure,
• encourages the development of tourism develops international cultural tourism within national borders encourages creativity and innovation,
• presents the best early music artists from Europe and beyond,
• pays special attention to the involvement of Slovenian artists on the European scene,
• systematically perform works by Slovenian composers supports and promotes young Slovenian artists at home and abroad (within the REMA National committee for Southeast Europe and a broader international scene),
• improves the accessibility and involvement in cultural events for all Slovenian nationals as well as foreign nationals in cooperation with libraries and music, primary and other schools,
• promotes a higher cultural demand by the population and educates a future concert public works towards improving the locations of the concerts,
• assures an actual Slovenian and European added value in the culture area

Culture is an economical factor and a factor of social integration and nationality. It represents one of the key elements in the encouragement of creativity and recognition in an economy. As well as creating new job posts, the development of a cultural network equally spread across all regions is also important for the education of a work force through non-formal educational contents that lead to creativity and competence.