Han Tol & Nigel North: Una Suave Melodia

21. 8. 2019

On Tuesday 20 August 2019 lutenist Nigel North and recorder player Han Tol performed at Bistrica Castle. Excellent musicians performed with a concert programme: Una Suave Melodia: Speech, nature and poetry in the music of the Renaissance and Baroque era and amazed our audience. You can listen to the part of the concert here.

At a festival upbeat musicans talked about their view of music and presented their concert programme. Listen to the part of the conversation at the festival upbeat here. After that visitiors were able to visit the exhibition by Zavod za kulturo Slovenska Bistrica  Roots by Croatian artist with Slovenian roots Andreja Fišić Hojnik

Special thanks to all the visitors for loud and long applauses, artists for the wonderful concert and our partners for all the help and support in organising this exceptional event. See you at our next concerts!