Capella Carniola (SI)

7. 9. 2014

7.9.2014, Turjak, Turjak Castle, Knights' Hall

Libre Vermell de Montserrat & Mazes of Spring and Love

A maze is a dedicated path. Its physical image has a beginning and an end. However, the essence of a maze is to be found outside of its physical limitations – in its purpose and the path which is dedicated to it. Music also has a physical image, which is not its purpose. Its essence lies in leading the ways of those who surrender to it. In the first part of the concert, the musical and dance pilgrimages of Capella Carniola are dedicated to the cult of the mysterious Black Madonna from the Medieval monastery in Catalonia called Monserrat. In the second part, the simple Slovenian folk story of Madonna’s pilgrimage and her encounter with a boatman introduces us to more secular mazes dedicated to spring and love.

foto: Ars Ramovš, Katja Smolar, Nina Ferkolj