Orchester Purpur (AT)

The Orchestra Purpur, founded in 2011 in the context of the EU-funded „Project PurPur – European Sound Interchange“, brings together young highly talented musicians from all over Europe. What is very decisive for the composition and, subsequently, for the unique orchestra sound and the playing culture of this new orchestra is the nearness to many members of the Vienna and the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestras. In many cases, these are also directly responsible for the selection of the young musicians. The orchestra’s cast consists of 66 musicians, who are permanent fixtures. The Orchestra Purpur is, because of the exceptional and flexible programmatic, its internationality and the particular, unique musical language, developing its status in the orchestral landscape. The Orchestra Purpur also maintains a very close, personal relationship with the Orchestra Academy Ossiach - OAO. Graduates and the best academics from the OAO are invited to join the Orchestra Purpur, however without having to be programmatically, logistically and financially tied to the OAO. Other orchestra musicians are invited directly to the productions by our conductors and /or soloists. And then there are our partner organizations, which recommend and send their "best" to us. Some of them are:

In addition, our musicians also enrol from all other European regions. The exchange of knowledge and culture required to obtain an even better musical understanding through the expansion of horizons is always a top priority for us. It is a form of new, intellectual musical mobility!

During the last year the Orchestra Purpur gained precious experience by playing concerts together with world famous musicians like the Croatian Pianist Martina Filjak, „The Clarinotts“ and other soloists of the Berlin and Vienna Philharmonics. Another highlight in 2012 was the production of J. Haydn’s “Armida” opera, performed scenically at Festival Kvarner and concertante at Festival Seviqc Brežice, Slovenia. Until now, the Orchestra Purpur appeared especially at Festival Kvarner in Opatija (Croatia), as the festival is able to provide the ideal infrastructure for the orchestra’s rehearsal periods. In the future, the Orchestra Purpur is going to perform at venues all over Europe, starting with the South-East-European region in the context of the “GLAGOLICA – A European Musical Language” project.

Since 1 May 2013 the Orchestra Purpur is part of another EU project called “Purpur – A European Opera Sound”, which can be seen as a follow-up of the previous Project PurPur. Due to the great success of the “Armida” production, two more of Haydn’s operas are in the centre of the new project: ORLANDO PALADINO, a „dramma eroicomico“ in three acts (Hob. XXVIII:11) and L‘ANIMA DEL FILOSOFO, OSSIA ORFEO ED EURIDICE, a „dramma per musica“ in five acts (Hob. XXVIII:13). The Orlando paladino opera will be performed in Brežice, Villach and Opatija in September 2013. The Orchestra Purpur is organized by ad libitum Konzertwerkstatt gGmbH with the support of the Culture programme of the European Union.