Programme description

The most beautiful concerts of early music with top artists from all over the world in the most beautiful cultural monuments of Slovenia.

The Seviqc Brežice festival is the synonym of early music in Slovenia. Since the establishment of the International Summer Academy for Early Music in Radovljica in 1982, which stimulated the overall development of early music in Slovenia and is considered to be its beginning, in the 36 years of its activity, the festival strengthened its reputation as an event of national importance and became one of the most important cultural events, and in the world, it created the reputation of an excellent and highly valued event that inspires artists, producers, professional critique, business world and music lovers.

To Seviqc Brežice concerts we invite the most prestigious performers of the early music, and at the same time, through the demanding evaluation process, we also include young and lesser known European artists. Performing at Seviqc Brežice Festival is opening new career door for these artists. The concert programme Seviqc Brežice represents the wealth of the European and also the wider musical heritage from the Middle Ages until the beginning of the 20th century with authentic instruments and a historical implementation approach. In the foreground is a living art, as the name Seviqc says: "SEmper VIva Quam Creata" or "Always alive as created". The concert programme takes place exclusively in the premises of the Slovenian cultural heritage, it develops cultural tourism and devotes a great deal of attention to educational content in all generations, and especially to young people.

Seviqc Brežice is the member of the European Early Music Network REMA (Réseau Européen de Musique Ancienne), which includes 82 organizations, mostly early music festivals from 21 European countries. We have a seat on the Board of Directors (Conseil d’administration) and we run national committee for Southeast Europe. We have made a number of initiatives for new connections and engaged in international cooperation (Project Purpur 2011-2012 and 2013-2014, working group for the preparation of the European Capital of Culture Maastricht Via 2018, MACCSEE - Musica Antiqua Conference for Central, South and East Europe, eeemerging). With this we successfully represent Slovenia and its places as one of Europe's most attractive destinations. From the very beginning in 1982, the Seviqc Brežice program has international cultural concepts, because it was created from the desire to develop a scene and enable the creation of marginalized target groups of early music. Consciously and deliberately combines the highest quality production of the world scene of early music.

Each year, with a carefully selected diverse programme it shows the colorfulness of musical styles and cultures intertwined in the European area over the centuries. With its quality and socializing of lovers of early music, it attracts people of all generations, views and opinions, offering them spiritual relaxation and musical pleasure, and opens interdisciplinary opportunities to learn about musical heritage, painting, local, geographical and economic characteristics of concert environments. Musicians from across Europe and other continents connect listeners and enhance their awareness of the richness and diversity of the common cultural heritage. The creators of the Seviqc Brežice programme, artists, business partners and visitors create with us the real Slovenian and European added value, which, by committing to the local environment, supports many barriers and borders in the intercontinental context, and actively contributes to better international coexistence.

Nowadays in Europe and widely is early music an equall actor among different cultural genres. We have thoroughly developed the Slovenian scene in these years, but it is still considered a deficient art field. Therefore, the sovereignty of Slovene culture in a global context needs investments not only in the existence of such programs, but also in their development initiatives. In describing programme contents and other professional texts, we rely on our artists, of whom we expect an appropriate research approach and more creativity and innovation, as other producers include in their programming. The artists themselves are the authors of the majority of comments in the concert sheets, which are published on the Seviqc Brežice Publications. Before each concert with the festival upbeat we establish a direct dialogue between artists and our audience: a discussion with artists and we present local cultural offers with local partners (tour of the cultural heritage site, current exhibition, etc.).

The Seviqc Brežice concerts are outside of Ljubljana, and they are connected with Festibus, a special festival bus, which was introduced in 1993. The visitor statistics in 2018 are similar to previous years: we recorded 36.65% of all visitors from Ljubljana and 21.47% local visitors (with residence in the municipality of the concert).