We slightly improved the ticket price list

01. 07. 2021

Dear friends of early music and Seviqc Brežice festival!

We slightly improved the ticket price list. The price of tickets now does not change monthly, but weekly. When paid by 30.7.2021, it was EUR 10.00, and with the new approach it does not rise to EUR 18.00 after July 1, 2021, but to EUR 12.00. In this way, we better follow the principle “earlier purchase better purchase” and we open the possibilities of visiting even more to our visitors. Otherwise, the festival fills up nicely. Although we only started selling tickets on June 17, 2021, we have issued 16.30% of all capacities so far. The program and order form for tickets are published at https://www.seviqc-brezice.si/splosno.2.html. I invite you to see possible discounts and benefits of the Festival Lady Friends Club at https://www.seviqc-brezice.si/ticket-price.html in addition to ticket prices.

With the wish to meet again in August 2021, I greet you all warmly,


Klemen Ramovš