The Seviqc Brežice 2022 programme has been announced

22. 04. 2022

We will start advertising the program only on May 17, 2022, until then the only information will be on our website and until then the price will be 5.00 EUR for each concert, which is our gift to visitors to our website.

We invite you to the links: Programme, Ticket prices, Order form, Festival Lady Friends ClubList of ticket outlets.

Special thanks to this year artists and to the managers of the festival sites for quick and efficient communication, that we finally coordinated the entire program in a few days.

If the political parties keep their word and the Ministry of Culture provides additional funds in time for all those who were unfairly excluded from the multi-year co-financing, we will expand the programme already this year. You will find all the information in this News.

We invite you to all our events. We will be happy for your visit, because this will be the most beautiful thanks and encouragement to our efforts in the development of early music in Slovenia.