List of performers

13. 12. 2021

The 40 consecutive seasons of the Seviqc Brežice programme are not only an incentive for further work, but also an opportunity to review how Seviqc Brežice influenced the development of the early music scene in Slovenia by artists and institutions and consolidated early music as an equal part of the Slovenian cultural scene. The concept, which was clearly set at the very beginning, in 1982, to green the desert in this area, is still the basic guideline today, especially with the move to Brežice, complemented by a clear vision of integrating cultural heritage and contribution to cultural tourism. With the strong participation of excellent international performers, Seviqc Brežice has always paid special attention to Slovenian production. Almost everyone who means something in Slovenia today in the field of early music and successfully contributes that early music is not only an artistic path of individuals, but also reaches schools, from music to academy, received an incentive for their work during our activities. Therefore, it seemed appropriate to arrange by name all those who co-created our programme.

The data in the tables of the Programme description speak eloquently enough about the story of a great and successful event. Table IX (List of programme performers) lists all those who co-created our programme. The document is published in two identical formats, as pdf and as Excel, which allows searching, sorting and the like.

We would like to especially thank prof. Daniel Ivša, prof. Dragutin Križanić, M.Sc. Marija Lubšina Novak, Igor Novak, Boris Rener and prof. Vladimir Zlatko Sverak for valuable assistance in supplementing the names of the performers of the Brežice Primary School Days from 2001 to 2009, the concert on the 60th anniversary of the Brežice Music School in 2006 and two concerts of the RTV Slovenia Chamber Choir in 2010.