Happy holidays!

21. 12. 2018

Dear friends of early music and Seviqc Brežice festival!

The passing year has been marked by amazing artists that brought early music in the most beautiful venues of Slovenian cultural heritage, despite the bad conditions in Slovenian culture. Without your presence, dear visitors, artists and journalists, business partners and all our supporters, these events would not be the same as they were. We thank you all for your help in creating the great images of Seviqc Brežice festival.
We opened a wide circle of negotiations at various levels to block the strong crisis situation of Slovenian culture, especially problematic in the non-governmental sector with strong international recognition, and create an excellent programme for your satisfaction and joy. We will still need some luck, but wherever we are talking about our problems and plans, we find affection and support. In any case, I hope that we will soon be introducing the brilliant 2019 programme.
Let the holidays and upcoming New Year be filled with pleasant moments and beautiful experiences in the company of our beloved ones.

See you in 2019!
Klemen Ramovš