Confronting culture and the arts

13. 04. 2022

We invite you to watch the video of the Confronting culture and the arts, which was led by Ksenija Horvat on April 11, 2022 in the Katedrala Hall of Kino Šiška and in which they participated Jerca Korče (Marjan Šarec List), Mag. Gorazd Knific (Pirate Party), Dr. Asta Vrečko (Left), Zlatan Ćordić (Our Future and Good State), Klemen Belhara (Vesna - Green Party), Dejan Prešiček (Social Democrats), Mag. Branislav Rajić (Alenka Bratušek's Party), Dejan Podgoršek (Our Country), Tamara Vonta (Freedom Movement), Marko Balažic (Connect Slovenia) and Esmeralda Vidmar (For the People of Slovenia). It is nice to see that most political parties already include similar views as I advocate, and I published them in the Appeal to Political Parties, Candidates in the 2022 National Assembly Elections. The views of political parties arouse a lot of optimism that the attitude of politics towards culture will finally change.