60 years of Program Ars, the third radio programme of Radio Slovenia

15. 09. 2023

"For many listeners, the Program Ars is a refuge from the eternally "crazy world", but this does not mean that we want to avoid topics that are essential to our society and culture," Ars Program editor-in-chief Ingrid Kovač Brus said on the occasion of this anniversary.

You can find a conversation with the editors of the Ars editorial offices on the 60th anniversary of the program from the Ars 60 Collection in the article We still cultivate the artistic word, which is not cultivated to such an extent anywhere else.

At yesterday's concert in Cankarjev dom, I was pleasantly surprised by the feeling that it was not just a concert, but that the whole extended family had gathered for an important holiday. These feelings will accompany me for a long time.

Radio Slovenia has been our close business partner for a very long time. The Program Ars is the programme of Radio Slovenia that records almost all our concerts since the first beginnings of the festival. We started the Seviqc Brežice programme with international courses in Radovljica in 1982, and we defined the following year as the first year of the festival. Important anniversaries in 1993 were highlighted in the media by our festival. I remember well that radio recording was already something traditional back then. Upon moving to Brežice, Program Ars colleagues were a key factor in the Brežice festival shining as a new star in the sky of European early music. The annual recording of all concerts and direct transmission to the air was then a constant throughout the years. In this way, the Program Ars presented to the wider Slovenian and European public the events of excellent international performers in many places of Slovenian cultural heritage and thereby contributed to its importance. In the Banchetto Musicale shows every spring, Program Ars announces the arrival of the August Seviqc Brežice.