The Seviqc Brežice logo was created in the autumn of 1996 by designer Jure Jančič.


The coat of arms of Seviqc Brežice was designed in February 2013. It includes the coats of arms of all historical countries in today's territory of the Republic of Slovenia. With this we wanted to emphasize the national importance of the festival and our ambition to sovereignly represent Slovenia on the international cultural map. The coat of arms of Seviqc Brežice includes nine coats of arms of the countries (from left to right, from top to bottom): Istria, Styria, Gorica (Gorizia, Görz), Trst (Trieste, Triest), Carniola, Slovenska Marka, Zala, Carinthia, Železna. The design of the coat of arms was set by Klemen Ramovš, the individual coats of arms were designed into a common coat of arms of Slovenian historical lands by the herald Aleksander Hribovšek, and finally in connection with the name and the Festival Lady by David Hosta.