Kostanjevica na Krki, Former Cistercian Monastery

In 1234 established Cistercian monastery of Mary Studenec till the abolition in 1785, represented a center of religious, Enlightenment, in economic life.

Today's image of cisterce is the result of numerous interventions in Its architectural substance. The original image against today's time is largely preserved monastery church, which is one of the finest examples of early Gothic and later baroque style architecture in Slovenian. At the end of the 19th century, we can see one of the first warnings about the value of the former monastery church and the entire monastery complex, which led to research volume and the renovation plan in the 20th century.

 In 1974 is in the first refurbished premises flourish art of Božidar Jakac, with art collections, art and the cultural program revives this exceptional cultural monument and its surroundings. For space of desacralized monastery church, established home and foreign artists, in the context of programs of Art Museum, are preparing copyright exhibition projects, which are also received with a lot of attention in professional lay public.

The Abbey gardens are arrayed with wooden sculptures which are made during the FORMA VIVA international sculpture symposia. The International Sculpture Symposium Forma Viva was established in 1961 at the initiative of sculptors Jakob Savinšek and Janez Lenassi. More then 100 sculptures are on display in natural environment nearby art museum/former cistercian monastery in Kostanjevica na Krki. Sculptures moulding by artists are made from oak wood, typical for this part of Slovenia.


Kostanjevica na Krki


Where the low-lying Krakovo Primeval Forest slowly rises into the green Gorjance rolling hills lies Kostanjevica na Krki – the smallest and the only town on a Slovenian island.

Kostjanevica first appears in historical records in 1220 as the seat of a parish. It was granted town rights in 1252. It was granted town rights in 1252. Today the entire town is protected as a cultural monument of the highest category.

Kostanjevica na Krki is a living town on an island. Its rich history, architecture and beauty attract large numbers of visitors from far and wide. Most visitors to the town also take the opportunity to experience some artistic heritage: at the Božidar Jakac Gallery and the Forma Viva sculpture garden, at the Lamut Art Salon or at the Gorjup Gallery (located in the Jože Gorjup Primary School).


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