Festival Lady Friends Club


The club was set up to increase the accessibility of the top international music program to the widest possible circle of music lovers. Club membership is especially interesting for those music lovers who want to attend more events, for organized groups of visitors, closed companies and tourist organizations. When attending only one event, the visitor is entitled to a discount, which increases with the number of tickets ordered for each festival. The club is not an obligation, but the possibility of a cheaper purchase of tickets, and membership is unlimited.


Basic features

10 to 50% discount on issued tickets, depending on the purchase size,
payment in up to 10 monthly instalments (depending on the agreement),
payment of the first instalment after the last concert of the festival season.



Ars Ramovš established Festival Lady Friends Club (KPFD) with the purpose of increasing availability of the world-class international music program to as many classical music lovers as possible.
KPFD membership is personal.
KPFD member is recorded with only their personal address.
The list of members is professional secrecy of Ars Ramovš.
Communication by Ars Ramovš takes place exclusively by electronic means or by telephone.


Admission to membership

KPFD member can be a natural person who pays the entrance fee in the amount of EUR 20.00 to the transaction account Ars Ramovš, Slovenska cesta 1, SI-1000 Ljubljana, account number: SI56 3000 0000 3634 044, BIC: SABRSI2X, bank: Sberbank banka d.d., Dunajska cesta 128 A, SI-1000 Ljubljana.
The entry fee is a one-time payment for the admission to membership or at the re-joining if the membership was discontinued.
There is no subscription.


Duration of membership

Membership is indefinite. In the new calendar year, the membership is automatically renewed. A member may withdraw from the KPFD at any time and without any explanation but must first settle her/his past ticket obligations. Ars Ramovš can terminate membership only if the member violates the rules of the KPFD written here.


Ordering tickets

A KPFD member orders an unlimited number of available tickets at any time when the (pre) sale of tickets takes place without prior payment.
The order is possible only with Ars Ramovš and must be in writing (at info@k-ramovs.si or by regular mail).
A KPFD member may order tickets with the same order form as a non-member, only indicating that she/he is a KPFD member, or by an e-mail containing all the necessary information to identify the tickets.
For billing at the end of the festival season, the price on the day of ordering tickets applies.
The member cannot cancel the ordered tickets.
Ordered but unused tickets are due for payment and the KPFD member is obliged to pay them according to the membership conditions.
A KPFD member can also buy tickets through other forms provided by Ars Ramovš, but these are not subject to membership benefits.


Membership discounts

The amount of the discount depends on the total value of all tickets ordered for each festival season.

10% for orders up to EUR 100,
20% for orders up to EUR 200,
30% for orders up to EUR 300,
40% for orders up to EUR 400,
50% for orders over EUR 400.

With each new order, Ars Ramovš informs the member about the status of the entire order.
After the end of the festival season, Ars Ramovš will send the final bill and propose payment in 10 instalments or the number of instalments at the request of the member.