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When: Tuesday, 16. 8. 2022 at 19:00

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Federico Toffano (IT)

Artist’s message to visitors

I am very happy to play a Baroque solo cello recital in Slovenia at Bogenšperk Castle. I chose a programme that wanted to combine two famous cello suites by the German composer Johann Sebastian Bach with some pieces by lesser-known Italian authors who have made the cello a solo instrument since the second half of the 1600s. Until the first half of the 1600s, the cello had only the role of accompaniment: the continuo. Only the viola da gamba was entrusted with the role of soloist. Things were about to change. It will be very interesting for the public to discover how the style of each Italian composer is so different from each other. The Italian composers and cellists of the programme come from different Italian regions and cities: from Venice to Sicily, passing through Bologna and Naples.


My artistic mission

My mission is to ensure that after the concert the audience brings home a memory, a gesture, an emotion and that they will then want to deepen it for their own experience. This must be the role of every artist: to make people passionate about going to hear new music, new genres, and repertoires, thus acquiring an increasingly aware "ear". The artist will therefore be more and more satisfied, and his study will be more and more in-depth to meet the needs of the public. Music is passion both for those who create and interpret it and for those who use it.


Recording: Radio Slovenija

Event programme

Chat with Federico Toffano (IT)


Questions to artist

With questions to artists and their answers, we want to bring visitors closer to the role of the artists in society, their views and work. There will be too little time on the upbeat to touch on everything that interests you. Upbeat visitors are invited to focus the conversation on those issues that are more interesting to you. You are invited to provide us with additional questions in advance, which we will present to our artists. All the answers of the artists will be collected in a special publication, which will be published at the end of this year's festival. Questionnaire consultants: Vesna Volk (Radiotelevizija Slovenija) and Marina Žlender (Glasna Magazine).

The questions are formulated in three sets: an artist as a person (what your normal day looks like when you are not traveling, what your work on the instrument looks like, what your work with young people looks like and how you perceive their attitude towards music, how you convey it to them), preparation of the programme (how you plan the programming concept, where and how you capture ideas for designing a concert programme and what obstacles you face, how you design a concert programme, how you meet other artists, how you get involved in other ensembles and what it looks like when you put together your own ensemble, how you approach and research archives, how you are received by the institutions that care for this cultural heritage, and what problems you face in the phase when you are looking for and choosing works for the programme), the power of art (how music and any other art can contribute to a better society, what is the impact of art on the challenges of politics and environmental protection, how art can defy state violence against freedom of expression, what are your experiences, how you see the future of art and what its role is in shaping society in the coming centuries, how you see the development of the field we call early music in the coming decades).


Bogenšperk Castle

Bogenšperk Castle is one of the most important Renaissance castles in Slovenia and the home of one of the most important men of our past, Janez Vajkard Valvasor.