Programme objectives

Our goals are to keep the high quality of the programme at the historic locations, to promote Slovenia on the global cultural and tourist map, to bring together Slovenian artists and the international scene, to support and promote young talents, to make way for Slovenian composers to Europe and beyond, to develop cultural infrastructure and tourism, to help international dialogue and the reciprocal exchange of European and non-European cultures, to stimulate innovation and creativity, to improve the accessibility and participation in the culture and add value to the Slovenian and European cultural area.
The high artistic quality of our programme and its historically important venues present Slovenia on the world’s cultural map as a developed European region with centuries old traditions and as a trustworthy partner to the international cultural, business and political world. The festival programme includes Slovenian artists who we introduce to foreign ensembles and producers, thus helping them make their way on their career paths. Through the cooperation with esteemed music competitions, other European festivals and personal connections we especially try to help young artists who are new to the global scene, this way reinforcing the position of an established festival, which insures our active role in the formation of the European early music scene.