Celje, Old Counts' Mansion

This most beautiful Renaissance building in the town was built between 1580 and 1603 on the southern side of the city walls. At the beginning of the 17th century it was further embellished by arched hallways, and during the 1930s restoration its aesthetic value was increased by the discovery of the famous Celje ceiling. Since the end of WWII, it accommodates the Celje Regional Museum, which holds permanent and temporary exhibitions. Its cultural-historical exhibition is a walk through time from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, while the exhibition on Alma M. Karlin enables visitors to learn about this worldwide traveller, writer and distinguished woman from Celje. 

The Celje Ceiling

One of the main attractions of the Celje Regional Museum is the Celje Ceiling, a sole example of profane painting at the transition from Renaissance to early Baroque. The use of illusionary techniques is what makes the ceiling particularly fascinating and unique: among 11 sections the biggest middle section portrays an illusionistically painted building with pillars extending up towards the cross-shaped sky. www.pokmuz-ce.si/stalne/celjski-strop




Celje is a pleasant city by the Savinja river, encircled by rolling hills. It prides itself on a vast natural and cultural heritage and remarkable history that especially flourished during the times of the Counts of Cilli.

Owing to favourable environmental conditions people settled in this area already during the pre-Roman and more so in the Roman period. The first settlement named Keleia emerged at the most southern end of the eastern Lower Savinja Valley already at the time of the Hallstatt and Celtic cultures.

Nowadays, Celje has about 49,000 inhabitants. Its well-considered development strategy and new drive have earned Celje the reputation of a fast-growing city. It has become the region’s centre of development, business, economy, trade, culture, education, administration, sports, and trade fairs.

See more: www.dezela-celjska.si/sl/celje

The Old Castle Celje

The Old Castle Celje has always stirred people’s imagination and served as an excellent hatchery of a European legend – The Counts of Cilli. The influential family was not known merely in Central Europe, but has developed into a multi-faceted myth also in Slovenia. www.celeia.info

Celeia – A Town Beneath a Town

If you wish to experience the beauty of ancient Celeia, you should walk through the stone labyrinths of the Celeia – A Town Beneath a Town exhibition. At the archaeological site, a cellar of the Prince’s Mansion, you can admire the remains of Roman Celeia: a paved town street, houses and villas, and a strong wall with towers.www.celeia.info

Prince's Mansion

In the 14th and 15th centuries the castle was a residence of the Counts, later Princes of Cilli. After the family’s extinction, it housed the office of the Vicedom, the Duke’s representative, whereas in the middle of the 18th century it was turned into barracks. Today it houses the Celje Regional Museum, its head office, and a multi-purpose Barbara Celjska Hall. The Prince’s Mansion hosts the Celeia – A Town Beneath a Town exhibition, the Counts of Cilli exhibition, and the archaeological exhibition From the Needle to the Stars.

The art quarter

Art lovers can visit the art quarter in the old city centre and have a look at the artists’ studios and their galleries. www.dezela-celjska.si

The Celjska koča Resort

With the well-maintained and signposted paths, the Celjska koča hotel and resort is a popular spot with cyclists and hikers. www.dezela-celjska.si

The Šmartinsko jezero (Šmartin Lake)

The Šmartinsko jezero (Šmartin Lake) lies in the immediate vicinity of Celje. Due to its varied shore and attractive surroundings, it is a popular walking trail. www.dezela-celjska.si

The National Hall of Celje

The National Hall at the Trg celjskih knezov Square was designed by the Czech architect Vladimir Hrasky and built in the years 1895–96. During the 19th century (in Austria) the National Hall was the cultural and social centre of the Slovenian middle class. www.celeia.info/znamenitosti


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