Benedikt, Three Kings' Chapel

The municipality of Benedikt lies in the north-eastern Slovenia and stretches over the mains of the Slovenske gorice hills between Pesnica in Ščavnica, along the road between Lenart and Gornja Radgona. The municipality encompasses 24 m2 and 13 settlements: Benedikt, Drvanja, Ihova, Ločki Vrh, Negovski Vrh, Obrat, Spodnja Bačkova, Spodnja Ročica, Stara Gora, Sveti Trije Kralji v Slovenskih goricah, Štajngrova, Trotkova and Trstenik. The municipality is also fairly young as it was formed only in 1998, after the decree of the Slovenian National Assembly following the division of the Lenart municipality.

There are few parishes in the area of the Slovenske gorice hills that showcase such a lovely example of a chapel of ease as is the one in Benedikt. The Three Kings’ Chapel is astounding and lies only 1 kilometre south-east of the parish church, on a hill rising 50 metres above the valley delved by the Drvanja stream. It was built in the 16th century and is considered the most important gothic monument of the Slovenske gorice.


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