Ensemble rosarum flores filled the Devil's Tower

2. 8. 2018

On Wednesday 1 August 2018 the Devil's Tower was filled with music from Elizabethan era in the performance of Austrian Ensemble rosarum flores. With concert programme Heere rest my thoughts they impressed our audience. Concert in four parts takes us through the diversity of human feelings, from carefree youthful life, symbolised by the song of the nightingale, love in all its facets, melancholy, that prevailed in that era, to finish it with joyful dances. 

An hour before the concert, at the upbeat in Dolenjske Toplice, musicians presented concert programme and characteristics of Elizabethan era. We found out that the Queen called her lute player every morning and dance 20 galliards, joyful dances. It is unknown what she was wearing at this activity, some even think that lute player was blind.

After the conversation, visitors went to see the exhibition of the academic painter Jože Kumer in Cultural and Congress center Dolenjske Toplice.

Special thanks to all the visitors for loud and long applauses, artists for the wonderful concert and our partners for all the help and support in organising this exceptional event. See you at our next concerts!