Soteska, Devil's tower

The most interesting jewels of Slovenia's landscape are very often those that are shrouded in a veil of mystery. One such place is the Devil's Tower in Soteska, a little village between two forested plateaux. The tower has stood here for over three hundred years, a place of entertainment and sinful pleasure.

A place whose history is linked to the princes of Auersperg who had a great manor house in Soteska and, not far away, a garden pavilion: a Baroque tower with a trefoil ground plan, surrounded by a stone wall pierced by three stone portals, a place in which to escape from reality and into mysticism.

The Devil's Tower is divided into two storeys connected by a spiral stone staircase. The entire interior of the building is richly decorated with trompe l'oeil compositions. On the ground floor the motif is of fountains and portals, while the vaulting shows a mythological scene of Zeus abducting Ganymede.

Upstairs are trompe l'oeil scenes of porticoes and female figures personifying faith, hope and love. The paintings were painted by the workshop of the Dutch master artist Almanach.

The building, which has excellent acoustics, is today used as a venue for concerts and art exhibitions, leading visitors into the universe of medieval or modern music and art.


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