Projekt Lazarus and baroque revival from Hvar

27. 08. 2018

Dear friends of early music and Seviqc Brežice festival,

On Saturday, August 25, 2018, the Croatian ensemble Projekt Lazarus with its eight vocalists, accompanied by organs, enabled by the Škrabl workshop from Rogaška Slatina, filled up the Knights Hall of the Bistrica castle. After Venice, Vienna, Varaždin, Hvar and Zagreb, they were in Slovenia for the first time. With the programme delicacy of the collection Brevis et facilis pslamorum of the Croatian early baroque composer Damjan Nembri and in the second part with works by Ivan Lukačić, Vinko Jelić and Ivan Šibenčanin and conductor Darijan Ivezić (behind the organ) they charmed the audience.

They shared more about the program and how it developed in the discussion at our upbeat, after which the visitors under the direction of Silvo Husu, from Zavod za kulturo Slovenska Bistrica, visited the exhibition A story about fermentation air lock and International Exhibition of Wine Cups & Trophies.

We are grateful to all visitors who contributed to the successful conclusion of Seviqc Brežice 2018 with their enthusiasm and gave us the incentive to fight for our gathering with early music, the sanctuaries of our cultural heritage and the abundance of Slovenian environments in the coming year.

Photos from the concert are available in our Multimedia.

We kindly invite you to continue to follow our news, where you will be in touch with everything we are preparing.

See you!