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CD compilation of Seviqc Brežice 2013

This year we have released a new CD of the Seviqc Brežice Festival, which contains the best festival pieces of 2013! Music is a live art, connecting people and places, and we feel that the new CD’s programme presents music as it was created and as it was recreated in the wonderful concert halls which are part of the Slovenian cultural heritage. ORDER OF THE CD: The price of the CD is 15,00 EUR. You can order it HERE

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Seviqc Brežice festival

The most beautiful early music concerts, performed at Slovenia's cultural heritage sites are presenting first-class artists from all around the world. Only the most distinguished artists, who perform an exquisite programme of the highest quality, are invited to be part of our concerts. We uncover both the European and the world’s musical legacy through different elements of our programme, while devoting special attention to the performance of the music which was created on Slovenian grounds. Each year the programme of concerts is comprised of the musical heritage from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the 20th century. Music at the concerts is performed by authentic instruments and in an authentic way.  We keep live art in the foreground, as is evident from our name Seviqc: »SEmper VIva Quam Creata« or »always alive as created«.
The festival’s programme is designed solely on the manner of historically informed performance and takes place only at Slovenia's cultural heritage sites, which are historically important locations and are especially interesting for visitors.

The Seviqc Brežice Festival 2014 is co-finananced from taxpayer funds by:
Francoski inštitut Charles Nodier (Ljubljana, SI), Institut Français (Paris, FR), Mestna občina Celje (Celje, SI), Ministrstvo za kulturo (Ljubljana, SI), Občina Brežice (Brežice, SI), Občina Dolenjske Toplice (Dolenjske Toplice, SI), Občina Grad (Grad, SI), Občina Makole (Makole, SI), Občina Rogaška Slatina (Rogaška Slatina, SI), Občina Slovenska Bistrica (Slovenska Bistrica, SI), Radiotelevizija Slovenija javni zavod, Ljubljana (Ljubljana, SI) in / and Veleposlaništvo Republike Avstrije (Ljubljana, SI).
The Seviqc Brežice Festival 2013 was prepared with co-producers of the programme: Ad libitum Konzertwerkstatt gGmbH (Villach, AT), Associazione Orchestra Sinfonica "Guido d'Arezzo" (Arezzo, IT), Centre culturel de rencontre d'Ambronay (Ambronay, FR), Festival Kvarner (Opatija, HR), New European Opera (Paris, FR) in / and Piccolo Festival (Reana del Rojale, IT).

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